Success Stories

We have helped many of our patients in Edina with headaches, low back pain, and neck pain.

“No more headaches! Those stay in the dark, hide from the world migraines are no longer part of my life.  I haven’t taken any painkillers for 9-months now!” – Trina F.*

“My skepticism about Chiropractic is gone because since my first visit to Dr. Chris, I haven’t taken a prescription pain pill. To date, I’ve saved over a thousand dollars!” – Jean B.*

“Since becoming a patient of Dr. Chris’, I’ve virtually no back pain and sleep easier and don’t take half the asthma medications I used to!” – Susan W.*

“I haven’t been sick for almost a year since I started with Dr. Chris!  I gained the confidence to run a marathon.” – Risa F.*

“Motrin was one of my major food groups! I took it everyday for my head and back aches.  Since finding Dr. Chris, my pain has all but gone and I no longer buy my Motrin in bulk at Sam’s Club!” – Susie S.*

“I didn’t know anything about chiropractic for adults and certainly never considered it for a 22-month old baby.  Since my son Bo was born, he had 18 ear infections and was treated with 18 different rounds of antibiotics.  Since Dr. Chis has been adjusting Bo, he hasn’t suffered an ear infection! I’m a believer!” – Stacey W.*

*We must include that the  results of our services are unique to each individual.